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LIANG Xiaopeng

LIANG Xiaopeng was born in Taiyuan ShanXi province in China .He graduated from the Central South University .He had worked on advanced material for many years .He and his coworkers made extensive observation of the structure of titanium-aluminium alloy and achieved a lot in this field.

Mailing address: liangxp@csu.edu.cnmselxp@163.com

Phone : 0371-88877949; 18684894344;

QQ: 38941961

Research Field

l Microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloys

l Effect of rolling deformation on microstructure of titanium-aluminum alloys

l Mechanical properties on high Nb titanium-aluminum alloy sheet

l Texture regulation and forming technology of titan-aluminum

l Research and development of steel material which have particular property

l Research on biomedical material and clean energy

Friction and lubrication, metal plastic machining technology
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